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 About Us

A Lions Heart strives to create the unique platform where Christianity and Urban Fashion Collide. We want to re-introduce the lifestyle of a christian & apparel for the christian community. We actively strive to enhance the perception of what the Christian lifestyle can look and feel like with our array of products. We are here to build a pillar in the fashion Industry!


Created in 2017, with a signature logo and a divine purpose to represent christian fashion, we wanted to offer a platform to share your stories and outlooks on all things Fashion. We strive to be a presence and commodity in the community; this company wants to empower as well as be empowered by the individuals in your city. Together, we can be VICTORIOUS  (Philippians 1:6)


We want to empower your journey; by being a kingdom oriented business in your neighborhood.Shop our collections and hit our more tab for a closer look into who we are what we believe in and how we're impacting your neighborhood.

Our Values


The prime ingredient to experiencing life in a divine manner


The ability to push others to success for a common goal


Positive steps toward being the greatest version of self


The passion that fuels you to take the risk to make a difference

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